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  1. Lots of good ideas to discuss with the Pack Committee! Thanks, folks! Don't worry, Sasha. I'm not down. More amused than anything else, in a head-shaking sort of way! I had intended to do awards before we ate, but things were running pretty long as it was. We had our FOS presentation before we ate (did really well with that, well above goal!) and we also had to make time for a couple Den Leaders to take a few whipped cream pies in the face (anyone who sold $500 or more in popcorn got to put a pie in a leader's face!) By the time clean-up was almost wrapping up, it had been two h
  2. Yep, real name is Tim Taylor. All my life it's been so! I can see the potluck working much better at a Troop than at a Pack. (I'm an ASM at my older son's Troop and see a huge difference in....orderly conduct! To be expected though.) We had parents sign up last week for what they wanted to bring to last night's P/L. Each Den was to bring a certain type of dish to avoid all desserts or whatnot. Unfortunately the Wolf Den, which was assigned the main dish, happens to be made up of the least responsible families as it turns out! Reminders were e-mailed out to the families by the C
  3. I've been CM since late last summer and with an excellent CC at the helm, it's been working out fairly well for our Pack. So much so that another local Pack, in disarray and full of disgruntled parents, has transferred over to ours practically en masse, leaving them with a Pack of 7 boys (until 4 of them cross out to Boy Scouts in a couple months!) and us with a Pack of 40. Up from 23 in two months' time. Needless to say, this humble CM is still "adjusting." So we had our B&G banquet last night. A pot-luck. Learned a lot, I have. Still trying to figure out what exactly went
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