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  1. At my scout store, there is a whole bin of Eagle Life Member knots out on the floor. I went in with my NESA membership card, expecting to be carded, and they didn't say a word, just scanned the knot and put it in a bag. I was a little disconcerted. I'll have to check for OA stuff on the floor next time...
  2. When I was 17 years old I became an Ordeal member of the OA. A year later I tuned 18, got my Eagle, went onto college, found out how easy it was talk to girls and discovered a professional passion. I think I maintained my OA membership for another couple years but dropped out of scouting once I went to college (although I did join APO and was a chapter president for a semester). Now that my son is in Cub Scouts and I am the new cubmaster, I have joined the local OA chapter. They just sent me a fancy new flap but I don't really understand what my role is or how I get to Brotherhood, or even
  3. Scoutfish, I don't mind the rant. I agree with your point. I have a very hard time giving out an award that was not earned per the set standards. I spent many years when I was a boy in both cub scouts and boy scouts and as a merit badge councilor/assistant nature director on camp staff. I never would have signed off on or expected to receive ann advancement I did not earn. What I am new to is the whole square knot issue. But after a lot of feedback, it turns out it is not my responsibility. The council gives out the knot, not the pack, so I have no intention of usurping that authority.
  4. I went to my first roundtable two weeks ago and that is where I learned of the knot requirements- they had all the requirements laid out on a table and someone did say something about giving out leader awards at an end-of-year dinner? At the time I did not make the connection between knots as "awards". I do know that the pack has been giving out the knots without any Council certificate. I think putting the council in-between me and the knot process may be a solution. I'l talk to the Council staff and confirm that this is a process they manage (it appears that it may be- or is suppos
  5. I just took over as the Cubmaster for my son's pack. In May, it is my job to give out adult awards. One of the traditions in my pack is to give out leader knots for things like Tiger Cub, Den Leader and Cub Scouter. The problem I face is that the Pack has often given out knots (as late as last year) without people fulfilling many of the requirements. For example: all the leader knots require attendance at roundtables. But no one goes. Yet they get the knot (our Council does not do Pow Wows, etc). My question is, does anyone care if we give out these knots even if all the requireme
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