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  1. Is theer an alternative to the red vest? I have some parents asking if they can make a sash for their sons and if it has to be red. They would prefer something that matches the uniform better - khaki, green, etc.
  2. Thanks for the info everyone! Our scout shop is 2 hours away and I'm not sure if she gets them there or from scoutstuff.org. I've ordered belt loops from scoutstuff before and she got upset with me for not having her do the ordering. I think she may not fully understand what needs paperwork and what doesn't for ordering. I do report to her whenever a scout earns anything (who earned what and when) and keep records of it for myself as well. We'll discuss at our next committee meeting - I think we need to clarify what needs to be reported to council and come up with a policy for order
  3. thank you for the replies. So she could order the loops to have on hand and then just submit a recognition report once the requirements are completed? I keep a very thorough record of what was completed and when. Sounds like she wants to start doing them same thing, but i guess I just don't think that's completely necessary since I already have them recorded....
  4. I'm fairly new to cub scout leadership (fall 2011). I'm the webelos den leader, but have also been acting as somewhat of a cubmaster until we find a more permanent replacement. Anyway, could someone please explain the process of ordering belt loops and activity badges to me? Our advancement chair is asking me to send her a list of every requirement that was completed to earn the award so she can have it for her records. As far as I can tell, the den leader is responsible for determining if the requirements were met and keeping record of them, and then submits a den recognition report t
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