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  1. We (meaning the Webelos Den as part of their Craftsman Activity Badge) just finished construction of our Raingutter Regatta "track". One of our committee members had a 12' section of 12" PVC (I think it was left over from utilities work) and donated it. Our Regatta is this Saturday and the boys (and parents) are very excited about it. We'll be using straws as the means of transfering air from the mouths to the boats. The Regatta sailboats are the easiest of the three derbies (Pinewood, Space, and Raingutter Regatta) to construct. Most Cub Scouts will be able to shape the boats (balsa - ve
  2. This Bobwhite missed his opportunity to sing when the time came. I'll bless the forum with the beautiful song of the quail after the round of screeches, growls, hoots, snorts, and slaps. A little something I posted on our SR773 Bobwhite message board regarding the little bird that embarassed the VP: The Bobwhite quail covey is a tight-knit family that, when faced with approaching danger, bravely stays together until the last possible moment. When the covey explodes from cover the attacker is momentarily startled then confused by so many birds flying in different directions, they are
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