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  1. We recently found out that earlier in the Spring our Treasurer took out some $$ in addition to gas money for taking the kids back and forth to daycamp. Come to find out (a lot later) her van broke down and she got it fixed with the pack money. I don't know yet how much the cost was,(I wasn't an active part of the pack at the time) but she never even gave the other leaders the opportunity to vote on it. What got us to pay attention was a ball game we were all supposed to go to. She was supposed to purchase $100 worth of discounted box tickets for everyone to go. A few people were trying to get ahold of her to find out where and when to meet, but she never returned any calls. Then, after the game day, she calls and says the pack had to eat the tickets since no one showed up....Well, that set my wife off. My wife called the teams office and found out the tickets were never purchased. We called the bank tonight and found out that she's taken out anouther $300 since June. The only activity that's gone on for the pack since then was a leaders breakfast at Denny's to discuss this years plans, and there was only 3 people at that meeting!!! We've talked to our Executive Councilman big title guy...the only paid pro Scout around here, and he suggests small claims court....which we have to pay for out of our own pocket!?!? That kills me, I thought there would be more the BSA could do! Would it be better to just call the cops and try to press charges against her?? What would our chances be in small claims court? She say's she's lost a lot of her reciepts. I'd think pretty good knowing that! When she took over two years ago, there was over $1000 dollars in the packs account, now there's just under $400. Any suggestions?
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