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  1. Good reply fotoscout!! As for wearing a uniform so as to not be hassled, if wearing a uniform is a hassle, then the discipline and pride question just answered itself. If we are not promoting discipline and pride, then what is our purpose. We are supposed to be developing these boys for the future, if they don't take pride in their appearance now, when will they start to care? Have you noticed how many jobs require a uniform. Even businesses that don't have a uniform usually have a dress code. Even McDonalds has a uniform, how many young people enter the job market there?
  2. I definitely agree with the MANDATORY and AFFORDABLE. I have no problem with the current uniform except that the pants could use some improvements. Many good ideas have been mentioned in earlier posts.
  3. Maybe I am out of touch with reality, but some of these uniform ideas seem to promote a "no uniform" uniform. Maybe my 38 years of military experience has warped my thinking, but a uniform should make a statement. It should be a source of pride and discipline. Some of the ideas I have seen here certainly have lost this concept. I think that the current official uniform conveys this message. I admit that I am not a fan of the current cap due to the design, but at least it is distinctive. A uniform without a belt, NOT!! Remember that scouting is supposed to promote teamwork. All te
  4. Lead by example, if you require your boys to wear the neckerchief, you should be willing to do so. "Do as I say not as I do" won't work with the kids today. As for special neckerchiefs, if they represent a special achievement; Eagle, woodbadge, etc. why not wear them? Keyword: UNIFORM(This message has been edited by SmT206)
  5. We require the uniform when traveling to and from camping trips. It makes things a lot simpler when keeping a group together at rest stops/meal stops as well as giving visibility to the public. Remember, we are trying to develop a team and the uniform helps to form a bond. As for the boys not knowing what they can get dirty and what they can't, this comes with training. Spend more time teaching and less time complaining about what the boys can't do. Of course we do take the uniform off when we arrive at the campsite, for boys that don't know this, try a little reminder. A lit
  6. I agree with the green bdu pants as they are more functional than the official BSA style. As for headgear, the baseball style cap is functional as a dress item, however, I agree that the boonie hat is better for class b. My troop uses the red beret for honor guards and color guards. We also use white web belts and white gloves with the beret. The boys practically fight to be in the Color Guard or be an honor guard
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    Name tags

    "I don't know if I'll buy that. I have a bunch of 12 year old Scouts that have less common sense than a Labrador Retriever." Sounds like you don't really know your scouts very well. As for the name tags, I often work with boys that I don't know. Name tags would certainly help with identification. As for predators, I agree that they can learn names by listening.
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