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  1. I am stating that the DAC chair intentionally and willfully delayed an eagle project for over 10 months without any reason other than the ones he invented. The DAC chair directed his committee to refer any requests, whether from the scout or from anyone else, to him. But, he intentionally did not return any communication attempts from the scout. He admits this behavior. The SE has acknowleged this was very wrong, and eluded that he did abuse the scout. I am working with both district and council to fix problems that may arise in the future. This seems like we are moving in the right
  2. So, what you are saying is... If a person willfully and intentionally affects another person in a negative way, is not abuse ? The fact the they are volunteers is irrelavent.
  3. The project was submitted via email with a followup phone message. The DAC insists that each email be followed by a phone call because he "does not get every email" After 4 weeks, the scout repeatedly sent emails and left voice mails for the DAC. Not one of them was answered. Bouncing back to January, I met with th DC and DE. This is what prompted the meeting in February. It seems that the only way to get a response from this committee is to get either the district execs or council execs involved. The council advancement committee "researched" what happened beginning
  4. I do not think I explained this very well... here are some facts to clear things up: The project started off as "invasive plant removal" covering about 6 acres of a city park. It evolved into planting over 100 trees and removing the plant removal from the write-up. 1. the scout was trying to get a verbal approval from the DAC before doing the detailed write-up. 2. The DAC had an open offer to do this at roundtable 3. The project was rejected without any reasons 4. Similar, but different, projects have been done at this park 5. The DAC, during my meetings with them, stated "
  5. I believe our district advancement committee is abusing scouts. scout X submitted his initial write-up back in Oct 08. He did not recieve any response. He sent emails, left phone messages, etc. I got involved about December. Meeting with the committee at roundtable to try to work through it. They were very distant. They made statements along the lines of "your project will not be approved" but did not give any reason. Eventually, in Feburary, after I contacted my DE and DC, the committee met with the scout, myself, and the scouts father(an ASM). At this meeting the commit
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