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  1. The Kits that ScoutNut is referring to are not the kits that I am talking about. The Mackin Group kits are called "Deluxe Pinewood Derby Set" and say "Boy Scouts of America" across the top of the box. When I talked to the person at The Mackin Group, she told me that they purchase the wood blocks directly from the Boy Scouts in Charlotte, and package them with the other items in the kit (all of which are BSA approved), under license from the Boy Scouts, and that The Mackin group IS officially licensed by the Boy Scouts for this, and the other products they sell.
  2. TThey kits I'm talking about are NOT Pinecar items. I called the phone number on the back of the box and talked to a very nice person from The Mackin Group (who is making this kit). She told me that the kit was indeed liscensed by the BSA and that this is the first time that the BSA has allowed it to be sold outside of the scout stores. Their intent seems to be to make it easier for parents to get an official BSA PWD kit, and to expose more non-scouts to the fun of the program, which I think is a great idea. I was also told that they also make other BSA liscensed craft and hobby kits like t
  3. This cub scout dad was shopping for a birthday gift for my son, and found an official Pinewood Derby set with the car included! This Kmart is open 24 hours - I asked at the information booth and they said this kit is in all Kmart stores. There was also a bird house kit - this could be very convenient when the races start!
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