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  1. and if we don't take care of this now, we are worried that next year he puts a Ki-Bosh on us doing any fundraisers, and will be hamstrung to not do anything because of no funds.
  2. My position is Assnt. Scoutmaster. Unit money earning app. has been submitted. We are doing everything by the book. Our Unit Committee is headed Up by the Assoc. Pastor, who is on board with us big time, as is the senior pastor. The other slots on the Unit Com. are held by 4 seperate parents. The way our church's constitution is written, the deacon's pretty much run things, and the pastor can only advise them what the church should do, but in the end, the deacon's say what goes. The wory here is that this complainer is a deacon, and will be the deaacon chair next year. We want to "take the wind out of his sails" so to speak, because right now he feels like he has the moral high ground. I was just wondering if anybody had some scripture refrences that have been used previously to hush up people like this. As if the Great Commission were not enough to go out, and we have already got 25 boys in our group who do not attend our church. We honestly are to the point of moving our charter to someplace that will support us, but then we get in that stickey situation of the charter owning everything we have done up to this point, and we do not want to loose all the equipment and supplies that we have purchased for teh Troop & pack, and start all over.
  3. My Scoutmaster and I stared a new Cub and Boy Scout Troop at our church, First Baptist Church near Spartanburg. The Deacon council approved our charter, and also approved us to do 4 fundraisers during the year. (The church constitution says no church group can do fundraisers without approval.) We do not get 1 penny from the church, and as many of you know, starting a new Cub and Scout Troop is quite expensive. My SM and I are laready in the hole $1,500 for equipment, books, etc. for both the cub and boy scout groups. We recently got approval from the Deacon council to do a fund raiser selling Bar-B-Q on a Sat morning, targetting the people on their way to college football games. Once some other church members heard about this, they started an uprising saying that we we like the money changers in the temple that Jesus threw out. Has anyone come up against this type of church backlash, and how did they/you argue your point? Any advise would be helpful.
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