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  1. Sometimes I wonder who is making money on the uniform decisions - the new hats for cubs are downright silly! Too much focus on uniform details in the scouting program is like missing the forest for the trees. Uniform pants are extravagant and not nearly durable enough. Besides the obvious issues in cost, there is a definate dorky factor that becomes more of an issue in boy scouts as the boys get older. The button-up shirts can be purchased big for maximum use; not reasonably done with pants. The shirts can also be put on and taken off over the activity shirt rather quickly and easil
  2. Anyone who chooses to participate in the scouting program (for the right reasons) really shouldn't be judged for their choices in styles. Whether it be hair, tats, piercings, jewelry, clothing, etc; as long as it is safe and not vulgar or offensive it should not be more important than their charactor, contributions, or willingness to learn. Respect doesn't always lead to conformance either, sometimes it just fosters tolerance which is just as important. I think the bottom line here is that what is going on inside is way more important than the outside of a person.
  3. What a deal! Keep me in mind for one.
  4. Thanks hops, in this case, the scout WAS wearing the uniform at the time. He was put on probation for not showing proper scout spirit. His failure there was in the way he wore the uniform in the year preceeding his conference... specifically he wears it about 50% of the time and usually needed to be reminded to tuck it in. Our SM has repeatedly told the boys (and the committee) that if a boy doesn't wear the uniform, they really don't belong in the troop and should go down the street to the Boys and Girls Club. He has also said that if they don't follow his direction regarding wear
  5. Greetings! I am new to this forum and really appreciate the candid discussions about so many issues and our Troop can definately relate to this one since we have opposing views within the boys and leaders on this issue. Our chartering organization does not require a uniform. The PLC decided (years ago) that the uniform would be worn to the troop meeting for inspection once a month and the activity shirt would be worn at other troop meetings. The boys have supported this idea, although there are always a few who wear the uniform to every meeting. Enter a new SM. (An Eagle scout
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