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  1. Thanks for the comments and the advice concerning training and necessity of reporting any incident that we feel is abuse as defined by Guide to Safe Scouting. This incident has not been reported yet due to circumstances of incident and the surprise and effect on the adult leader that observed it. I submitted this topic for discussion because of the difficulty that most of the registered adults in our troop had in confronting this problem. We have (individually and collectively) worked through this difficulty and will respond more quickly in the future for the benefit of the boys. One of m
  2. The discipline which was applied was excessive as defined by Scouting guidelines. It was negative and demeaning to the boy. Any other details only serve to provoke an emotional response in this case. At least two registered adults feel that the discipline is abusive as defined by Youth Protection Guidelines. We have a written troop guideline that states that parents are welcome on activities; but that they should stand back and allow the boy leaders and trained adult leaders to do their jobs. In addition to what I had originally stated, I had in mind to propose that in order to par
  3. We have had several incidents with an adult using excessive discipline with his son while on troop outings. We have taken the following steps: (1) Troop committee chairman discussion with the adult concerning one incident. (2) Written account of the incident prepared by ASM for Troop committee. Discussion by SM and ASMs concerning situation. (3) Troop committee chairman discussion of incident (no names) with District Executive and what was proper action for troop. No Troop Commissioner is available. (4) Scheduled discussion with adult and Troop Committee to resolve the problems.
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