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  1. I know these are retired patches and are no longer for regular sale. However, I was able to obtain 6 of them and I need 6 more. I recently organized a Service Project where we planted saplings in a local recreation center. Originally I didn't plan to hand out any participation patches because I wanted the boys to have done something just to feel good about doing it. Then I found out that the Tigers don't qualify for the World Conservation Award. So I decided to get a patch for the boys who came out to help. Anyway, long story short is that I found the Seeds of Kindness patch and fe
  2. Hi! I am a DL for my sons Bear Den. I was his Wolf ADL. Now I am moving up into WeBelos with him!!! I have two daughters who would give anything to be CS. 3 more years for one and 4 for other before they can join a Venture Crew. Anyway, I am always trying to find and share many aspects of scouting, so I hope this site serves my purpose! YiS Shawna
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