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  1. In the past, our Pack itself has handled the rechartering. Our dues will probably amount close to or over $5000 alone. Adding popcorn sales of around $4000 will take us to $9000, so I think we will exceed the $5000 tax-exempt limit unless the popcorn shouldn't be added into the equation. I received information on why the PTA will not act as our chartering org, as stated here straight from the PTA handbook (don't know how long this has been in place): "Boy Scout Groups The California State PTA continues to support scouting and the opportunities scouting provides for young people. However, the Boy Scouts of America seeks local organizations as sponsors (signing charters) and the Scouting Annual Charter Agreement includes the following responsibilities for that organization: Conduct the scouting program according to its own policies as well as those of the Boy Scouts of America, Include scouting as part of its overall program for youth and families, Appoint a member of the organization to coordinate all scouting operations at the site. He or she will represent the organization to the scouting district and serve as a voting member of the local Boy Scout council, Select a scouting committee (minimum of three) of parents and members of the organization who will screen and select local scouting leaders. While an individual may choose to volunteer with Boy Scouts of America or other youth groups, the California State PTA directs local PTA units, councils and districts: DO NOT SIGN ANY CHARTER OR YOUTH GROUP SPONSORSHIP OR RENEWAL FORM WITH THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA as: A PTA representative may not commit the PTA to the bylaws and other regulations of Boy Scouts of America. Local PTA leaders are generally not qualified to screen and select the local scouting leaders. The California State PTA insurance program provides no coverage for a PTA leader sitting as a representative to the scouting council nor for sponsoring another organization. The California State PTA insurance program provides no liability coverage for the actions of any individual acting as a leader, a participant in, or in some other capacity for another organization."
  2. Thank you all for your replies. This is awesome. I haven't been able to get much help, even from the District, for the past several months. I'll be connecting with the person who did the initial fact-finding with the local council to understand the PTA issue better.
  3. Thank you for the speedy replies. I neglected to mention that we originally thought we were chartered by the PTA until someone did some fact finding, so that is why we thought we could use the PTA's taxid. It doesn't seem to be an issue with the Council that our chartering org is not a real entity. We were told that we could not be chartered by a PTO/PTA because it is illegal (I'm guessing separation of church and state). I have been surfing the internet and ran across the Cape Code council's website on which the following is stated: "Also, units should not apply for their own independent tax exempt status. Article XI of (sic) the BSA Charter and Bylaws states that "Contributions shall be solicited in the name of the Boy Scouts of America only through or by the authority of the Corporation and shall be limited to the National Council or chartered local councils...." Also, the BSA Rules and Regulations vests in each council power to "control the raising and expenditure of all funds for local Scouting work in their jurisdiction."" If I'm understanding the above, we may not be able to directly secure donations even as an independent non-profit due to the BSA bylaws? Also, Mr. Ed Henderson mentioned on 8/10/07 that there are a few Packs or Troops that have become independent non-profits. Would anyone have an e-mail for these groups as I would like to pick their brain about the process and requirements?(This message has been edited by scoutmoon)(This message has been edited by scoutmoon)
  4. Help! My Cub Scout Pack is in this situation where we are chartered through the "Parents of ..." the local elementary school and we do not have an EIN. Once we have an EIN, I'm assuming that we will have to pay taxes (CA has a minimum tax payment of around $800) unless we file for non-profit status. Based on this assumption, we've been pursuing becoming a tax-exempt organization. I'd appreciate some guidance as to the best course of action and the pros/cons of going non-profit. Some additional information: We meet at the elementary school and were told that it is illegal to use the PTA's tax id. We usually have about 80-90 scouts each year and have been approached by parents who want to make a financial donation to the Pack. Our dues will be $65 per scout next year ($45 for siblings). We also solicit donations for various activities from local businesses.
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