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    Scout being bullied in troop

    We had our meeting the other night.I hope it works out.I met with the parents first they wanted it that way.Then the SM came out.He was going to suspend the kid for 2-3 scout meetings and a campout.but,we decided to give it one more try before it will go to that.Also the same thing for school.the kid did not attend the scout meeting later that night or the function we had last night.the parents want him to think about his actions.I think we made some head way with including the parents in the whole process..I hope this kid has learned a lesson here.And,that the other boy's will follw.The SM said that he will speak with them.
  2. scoutmom614

    Scout being bullied in troop

    I talked to the CC on the phone to set up a meeting tonight.He wanted me to call the boys parents so,I did.They will also attend the meeting.I'm going to demand that something has to be done and let the school do whatever they want to do.I also got some easy to undrerstand info on my son's condition which I'm thinking of presenting to the SM.And,maybe to the kid picking on my son.My son talked to the his SM from Cub Scouts last night and my son feels so much better about his options if he has to switch to a different troop.I know the old SM talked to the SM he has now.Which makes me feel better knowing I'm not overreacting.Which I hope I don't hear tonight.Thanks to everyone for there input.If anyone has anymore ideas please post or email me.
  3. scoutmom614

    Scout being bullied in troop

    Hi, I don't know what to do except find another troop for my son.He is being bullied in his own troop.The patrol leader is the ring leader.He has been told many times by the troop leaders and parents not to pick on my son or the other scout also.My son and the other scout are learning disabled but have no behavior problems.My son is very respective and has always gotten awards from school for it every year.The other scouts in the troop pick on him about his speech impairment and the patrol leader has kids picking on him in school now cause he can't swimm due to his fear.I'm thinking about going to the school on this.The patrol leader knows he does'nt like to be scared or to be touched but he continues to do it.My son says he tries to ignoe it which has been going on since Feburary when he crossed over.He says he can't ignore it any longer.This last campout they had him crying because it was so bad.i'm going to talk to another troop leader who happens to be in charge of the whole district tonight.he is aware of the patrol leader's behavior problems as too seeing it last week.so,he will know what I'm talking about since he told me about it and commented to my son he is proud of him for not misbehaving.