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    AOL/Klondike Derby

    Never looked at it from a a traditional point of view. This is an uncommon and brave move by a Webelos Scout, and he will no doubt make a good Scout as well, most likely an Eagle. Just be careful
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    Let you're full colors show my friend, being part of Scouting is something you should be proud of. I wear the uniform a lot, for Troop Meetings, Roundtables, Events, Scout Sunday, to school on Scouting Anniversary Day. Just remember to only wear it in situations that reflect positively on Scouting
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    AOL/Klondike Derby

    Kind of a cold way to satisfy an Arrow of Light Requirement. Personally, if I had a say I would suggest an alternative because I believe that winter camping potentially not a good thing for Cub level Scouts. That's just a personal opinion from the aspect of keeping kids safe and happy. Don't want to rain on a party, and I guess it would work under close supervision, but i would'nt reccommend it. Good Luck to you!