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  1. Jamist649: Just as you state in your post, in one of my previous posts to this thread, I described the hours and hours and hundreds of my own dollars that I have given to the Cub Scouts to date. Given that you don't know the people involved and their respective actions that were felt by many parents at the event to be unwelcome at best, and offensive to everyone present, you are, respectfully, not in a position to judge this situation and the use of the term "allowed". To imply that you would like to use harsh language to make a statement is certainly not in the spirit of scouting.
  2. BluejacketScouter: What a wonderful solution! A great way to find the positive in any situation! Thanks
  3. Many thanks to all that responded. A lot of time and thought went into the responses and I greatly appreciate the experienced advice. I have learned a great deal from this discussion and will use that to make future scouting events fun and a positive learning experience for the boys. I wrote the initial post immediately after the race and was a bit torqued up about it. I should have let it settle a bit. I struggle with being over-protective of my family and I sometimes have to "check" my response to a situation in order to provide my son with a good sound example for his development.
  4. Thanks AlamanceScouter. momof2cubs: Thanks again for your time in thinking through these issues. I am not interested in laying blame, I simply want a more fair race environment and I am willing to do my part to make that happen. I tried discussing the issues at the race. Having participated in the event I felt it reasonable to discuss it with the other leaders. Their responses ranged from indifference to outright nastiness about allowing the boys minimal repair time. It is only because of their attitudes that I would like to push it up the chain.
  5. Thanks to everyone for their time in responding. This is one of many ways that the scouting community makes a difference. This was our first year in scouts and we learned many lessons that will make the upcoming years both fun and a positive growth experience for both my son and me. All of the responses suggest getting involved; and rightly so. If I had not participated and helped, I would feel less justified in being critical. Just to set the record straight, this year, I made and donated a cabinet to store up to 144 cars for race day. It seemed like an easy task but like most things it
  6. Could someone tell me how to report an unfair Pinewood Derby race? I would like to see the problem areas remedied before this Pack is allowed to run another race. Track was faulty The end block bounced cars back unevenly causing derailing of several cars which led to them being damaged against the finish line device and causing several cars to collide upon recoil and damage other cars Misalignment at the track section interfaces caused car wheels to leave the track. No attempt was made to repair. Since the overall winners were determined by points which were derived from the fin
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