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  1. Old Grey Eagle reply: Rover Scout, I will be in the Chicago area in early June, where do you guys meet and when? Sounds like something I would like to know about. We wont be holding a meeting in June, as several members of the crew are on camp staff and Ill be teaching at National Camping School and Philmont. We can correspond off-list if youd like some more information. Bob White reply: Rover scout, I'm sure you have a fine group and you obviously enjoy it. But correct me if I'm wrong, your unit (without) Venturing does not hold a BSA charter, Correctwe have a BSA C
  2. Dear all: As one of the leaders for the Dan Beard Crew, here are my perspectives on Rovering and Venturing. They are one persons opinion, of course, and is neither gospel nor dogma. I elected to help start a Rover Crew because I was impressed and inspired by the Rovers that I had met over the years, because it was a meaningful experience for me when I was a young Rover Scout, and because it provided a way of doing scouting for young adults of roughly college age. We used the venturing program as our means of chartering our crew, since, as has been pointed out several times, the
  3. Did I really say that? ;-) *** I had conflicts on every one of the TB weekends: 2/7--took rover crew to Klondike derby to staff event 3/6--presenting at a conference (i.e., work) 4/3--camp visitation required meeting 4/24--rover crew service project Clearly, I am --too busy --not much use to you or TB this time, Dan I was amused that you found me in such an unexpected forum...but I see you have quite an active presence here. :-) Hi to all who are friendly.
  4. Elburn, IL is 45 miles west of Chicago (placing it 15 miles east of me, here in DeKalb) Wood Dale, IL is west of Chicago, near O'Hare International Airport. Re: better answer to your previous question: The Kudu and B-P Crews were chartered as explorer posts (and in the case of the B-P Crew, as venturing crews as well). The B-P Crew was chartered as a Rover Crew in the early 1950s, and became an explorer post (with a specialization in rovering) in 1965, when the National Office of the BSA elected to cease rechartering existing rover crews. The National Office had ceased chartering
  5. The B-P and Kudu Crews are no longer currently registered as BSA units, but their members that I have been in touch with have been most helpful, living up to the Rover Scout motto of "Service." Rovering was described by Baden-Powell as a "Brotherhood of Open Air and Service." To that end, we combine camping/outdoor experiences with service to the community (which includes scouting-related service). Essentially, there is no conflict between Rovering and Venturing, as we use the framework provided by the Venturing program to deliver a program of outdoor adventures and public service.
  6. I ran across your reference to the Dan Beard Rover Crew. I am one of the leaders of the DB Crew. I became a rover 20+ years ago through the mentoring of an Australian Rover Scout, and over the last couple of years, finally worked with some other good folks to organize our own Rover Crew. We are not one of the last BSA crews, but we have had good help from members of the B-P and Kudu Rover Crews. Rovering works well as our venturing specialty. We are in a college town, so it was relatively easy to collect members who are older venturers and young leaders (from both BSA and Girl Scout
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