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  1. Reaseyann - If you manage this trip to your abilities and to the abilities of your scouts, you should be fine. I have backpacked into the canyon 4 times. Each time was different. All good experiences. I have never backpacked there in the summer - mostly March / April. Judging by the experience level you have indicated, I would stick to the main trails (Rim Trail / Bright Angel Trail / South Kaibab). These are all well travelled and patrolled by rangers. As someone before mentioned, a hike down the Bright Angel to 1.5 mile resthouse might be doable. Allow about 3 hrs ro
  2. I congratulate Troop 52 on thier centennial anniversary. Undoubtedly, having such high parental connections through the troop's history has given it's members far more privileges and opportunities than your normal scout could dream of. The title of the article says it all - "Packed with Connections". What other scout troop has their own 87 year old "wilderness" retreat? Has this troop been to Philmont or Northern Tier? Quite honestly, I would have rather seen an article on any one of the several inner city DC troops that are struggling to get by and the adults (non-affluent and
  3. I was more concerned with the candidate being distracted.... In this case he was not and stayed focused. Eagle Candidates vary in maturity levels, culture and background. I'm sure these are some scouts out there who might have seen a nursing mother on the board as a huge distraction. My point is that we should be doing all we can to keep our scouts focused and to help them succeed.
  4. Calico - I posted this knowing full well that it's an emotional issue and had high potential for comment. Sorry if I upset you by raising the issue....just wanted to see what others might think! Thanks for responding...you raise sme good points.
  5. I am Eagle Advisior in my troop. Not long ago we held an Eagle BOR for one of our candidates. We normally solicit troop parents who are not in leadership positions to be board members. On this particular evening one of our troop parents was a mom w/a newborn. During the course of the BOR she proceeded to breast-feed her newborn. IMHO there's a proper time and place for everything. The feeding could have been easily accomplished either before or after the BOR. THis being a potentially emotional topic, nothing was said by any of the other BOR members to her, incuding mysel
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