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  1. Yes, Google Sites is not a troop-specific service. It provides generic tools which I have found very useful for other nonprofits. Sites does not provide any sort of mailing list service, which is definitely a limitation. One way to make announcements work would be to create a Google Group and link it to the website, which I think provides a notification option. Google Apps for Business is also free for nonprofits and provides a lot more services including mailing lists. However I have found it to be too complex for smaller orgs. The Docs spreadsheet is flaky if your internet ser
  2. You should look into Google Sites. It is free and does not insert ads into your pages. It also has a very easy to use editing interface. As the site owner, you can delegate editing permissions to other leaders to help you maintain the pages. I have not set up a scouting site before, but I have created several sites with it for another nonprofit org. You can set up private areas for members, but they have to create Google accounts for themselves instead of getting a password for just your site.
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