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  1. Our Pack meets Sept-May and the Dens generally meet once a month (except for the WB Dens which meet twice/mo). Throw in an extra event every other month and 3 days at resident camp, but take away a couple days for illness and absense: leaves 15-20 days.
  2. Oh yeah, regulation-based reason: The BSA, starting with the 2001 program year, announced that Tiger Cub Scouting will be fully integrated into the Cub Scouting program and will no longer be a stand-alone program.
  3. Our Pack requires from the belt and up. We provide new handbook and necker at our May graduation. BSA says that uniforms must be "official BSA", but it doesn't require that they be current issue or color cordinated. With a Pack of about 80 boys, the colored neckers do help and they are cheap. When my oldest son moved on to Boy Scouts, the old cub neckers where added to his first-aid kit. As for the hat, that does bug me given the price for something he'll wear about 15-20 times. I have been thinking about proposing to the committee that we use the Wolf hat for all Tigers-Bear
  4. Last year BSA changed the Tiger advancement scheme and are now required to Bobcat first, just like a new Wolf or Bear. Tigers are not supposed to work on electives until after the complete their rank, just like Wolves and Bears. Q: Shouldn't Tigers get Arrow Points for electives, just like Wolves and Bears? What do you think? I would like to officially run this up the Council and National flag poles, but would like some input in case I am missing something. Thanks! Blaine
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