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  1. Hi, Friends. I have taken advantage of much of your knowledge and experiences in the past and would like to share with you our latest SC-OUTING. "THE MOVING WALL" a 1/2 size replica of the VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL located in Washington, DC was visiting a neighboring town and we took a "3 hour tour". It honors the men and women who fell during the Vietnam War, and is a very "moving" experience that I would highly recommend. The staff is very dedicated and provides understanding to the guys about the memorial and its importance. The main point of my posting is regarding a speaker that we were priviledged to hear the night we visited the memorial... CAPTAIN J. CHARLES PLUMB Captain Charlie Plumb, as he was introduced, is a Navy Vet/Fighter Pilot /"Top Gun"/POW for six years in a communist prison camp during Vietnam. The the hour or so that I listened to this man speak rivaled my BSA "mountain top" experience. His message of power of choice, overcoming problems, teamwork, and valuing each other was awe-inspiring. He reached out, and at every level and from a universal perspective, touched home on the importance of Attitude and Values! The ideals of Scouting and core values were not hidden in his message, either! From the posture of a True American Hero, Capt. Plumb posed the question, "What is the measure of a man?", then answered by an on stage recital of the 12 points of the Scout Law! Oh...you should have felt the pride swell in our ranks. Understand, this was not a Scouting event planned for us...this was a room full of Vets, business folk, community leaders, etc! If ONE BOY got a FRACTION of the VALUE I received from Capt. Plumb then you MUST find this guy! See this guy! Listen!!! I stayed around to collect a card afterward and to shake hands with this great American...and to receive his THANK YOU to me for bringing our boys! THANK YOU, SIR...THANK YOU! Oh, yeah the card offers this website for more info...www.ChaliePlumb.com Thanks for the opportunity to share!!! Dave B.
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    Hi friends, I am a first time poster...I heard this in a story told by Vietnam Navy Vet Capt. Charlie Plumb at The MOVING WALL "Whether you think you're a winner or whether you think you're a loser....You're right!" See him if you can and take your Scouts! POSITIVE! POSITIVE! POSITIVE!!!