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  1. CA_Scouter thank you for your reply. You hit the nail on the head as to what bothers me....someone dictating what I or anyone else must do especially in a volunteer run program. I try to instill in youth the desire to contribute or give back to organizations that they benefit from and making participation mandatory seems to defeat that. It might interest you to know that this Troop of 36 years has no money problems....they had over $8000.00 before the annual fundraiser & now have well over $18,000.00. They are well supplied with a Scouthouse,trailers,canoes,stoves,tents etc. They are currently sending bills to the parents of the Scouts that did not make their quota.
  2. I would like to know how anyone feels about a Unit telling its members that participation in a Troop fundraiser is mandatory,that a sales quota must be reached or the parents will be billed for the remainder of the dollar quota not reached and that each family must also pay $10.00 to help cover costs of supplies for the fundraiser.
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