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  1. I was on the committee and a den leader for my middle son. The leaders in positions of cubmaster, committee chair thought they were doing a great job. While I didn't really want to leave the pack, my oldest would be leaving at the same time as the current cubmasters son and committee chairs son. I agree that sometimes you have to start the ball rolling in changing things, there are also times when you have to fall back and rethink things. The "click" if you want to call it that ran the show and didn't want to hear about anything else. There were enough in leader positions to vote anythin
  2. When I was in High School, my scout troop was raising money to go to the summer olympics in Montreal, Canada. I remember that I had geography class right after lunch. One of our fundraisers was selling chocolate bars. My teacher, Mr. Guillani was real cool about me selling them and letting the kids eat during his class. The one stipulation was I had to tell everyone who I was selling the candy for and why. I got razzed as soon as I said it was for scouts. But once I told everyone why, their mouths just stood open. I told them of other things we did, hiking at West Point, camping at Assi
  3. One thing that we do with the cub scouts is have a candle at the meetings. The candle is lit at the beginning of the meeting. Who ever gets rowdy and doesnt' follow the rules, etc. has to blow the candle out. It doesn't get lit again until the next meeting. When the candle finally gets all the way down, the boys get either a pizza party or ice cream (it depends on what time of the year the candle is finished!) Since this is something the boys look forward to, it doesn't take long before the boys check themselves on their behavior. No one wants to be the one to blow out the candle! I don'
  4. One of the major reasons we left the pack we did was because we felt they weren't really there for the boys. For example: November is scouting for food. Takes 1 to 2 hours on two consecutive Saturdays. It is also popcorn drive pick up. There were NO den meetings for my Webelo that month because it was felt that there was already too many things going on. One meeting was held in September and one in October. Sorry....this was unacceptable. Too many times if it was convinient for all parties there was nothing. Summer time pack events? A baseball game and that was it. While I realize tha
  5. We also switched our sons to another pack. My guys had been in a pack associated with their school. They go to Catholic School so we originally had them with their class mates. When my oldest (now a second year webelo) was complaining about lack of meetings and fun things to do, we looked at a couple of local neighberhood packs. At first we weren't sure that we should switch, they wouldn't know the new kids. But we did switch. It was the best thing we could have done. My wolf (then tiger) knew one of the boys in his den from daycare and a couple of the boys from the other tiger den from
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