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  1. it depends on your audience but most likely it will be people that do not have a real good working knowledge of the technical aspects of it so i would go with the idea of it is people who want to just start learning how to be a webmaster then learn the technical items imho even if you have a good technical knowledge of it you still should know the basics for novice webmasters and refresh it from time to time Please respond in the original post. (This message has been edited by a staff member.)
  2. If the patch does not have a loop on it you could always take some ribon and sew a loop on it or just take thread to sew a loop on it it is much easier and less expensinve than the platic holders and allows you to wear the patch much sooner
  3. I went last month for a vist it was good if you are a large troop contact the campmaster first but other than that it is preety nice. I will be goin the last week of camp they offer if u go that week messeage me and i might see you there. also if u go preorder shirts because they sell out fast(This message has been edited by bearpatrolleaderinctown)
  4. I just joined scouting and i am looking for some patches. right now i have 2 items in it and it does not include the patches other than what i have. Right now i have a belt buckle with the first class emblem on it that i got for $7 and four or five advancement cards that belonged to a scout from the late 1950s-early 60s named Stephen Hoback from Odessa,Texas from cub scouts and one of his when in boy scouts from the Buffalo Trails Council. send me any info you have on the cards if any. I am also looking for a East Carolina Council Patch that have the confederate flag on them they are no longer
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