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  1. I agree with your arguement. Many years ago we had same situation. It was the Troop Committee that put a delay on it until scout was able to prove leadership ability beyond his project. But there is a bigger concern I have had. As a scout I remember how heavy the phone was when it came time to call a counselor. In fact it was probably the only time my parents did not have to ask me to take out the garbage. This is one of the valuble aspect of the MB program. Is the scout needs to call an unknow or little known adult for help. (remeber youth protechtion) Many parents and troop leader by pa
  2. As a Program director we are looking for ideas for summer camp activities. Have any of you been to a camp that has Tomahawk throwing. Is there a risk of scouts throwing their personal or troop hatchets? Also what is your opinion on the trail or moutain biking programs?
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