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  1. Poisonous plant ID is a pretty valuable skill, assuming that your troop is actually planning to do some camping. Poison ivy in particular is found throughout the USA and certainly throughout Florida. My son and I are new to scouting, so he when went on his first Scout camping trip this past April. I was dismayed to discover (after the fact!) that not only had the Patrol Leader pitched their tent with the doorway opening squarely onto a patch of poison ivy, but that the SM -- who inspected the location -- didn't note a problem. Several of the boys had mild (fortunately!) reactions the foll
  2. Just a heads up for the admins: the scouter.com forum registration process is IE only, at least for non-nerds. The problem is with the "Create Account!" button on the index page for the URL http://www.scouter.com/members/ . This button is linked, via JavaScript, to http://www.scouter.com/members/register/step1.asp, a URL that is completely accessible via Firefox. Unfortunately, something about the JavaScript code is IE-only, and fails under Firefox And while it's true that many FF users are net-savvy enough to extract the proper URL from the page source code, many other FF
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