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  1. Thanks for the input. Scoutnut hit on something I was wondering about: I know about and use the Program Helps but what about the parents? The answer is to share it with them. I have the first two meetings planned and will see how it goes. I wonder how eager the parents will be about stepping up to the plate and I don't want to make it so onerous that they'll drop out. After they've seen a few meetings maybe their comfort level will increase.
  2. I am a new Tiger den leader and will be taking position specific training in a few weeks. In the meantime we are moving forward with our den meetings. My question is this: What parts of the meetings do the host parent-son teams share? For example, I would expect the den leader to be the one to choose the opening and closing and the Discover (craft/activity) part of the meeting. Should the host team have a say in these? My thinking is that the host team would primarily take leadership in deciding where the Go See It will be. I am thinking the host team might also work with the
  3. I have tried in vain to find the lyrics to a campfire opening chant/song that I heard once when I was a scout. The song includes these lyrics: The campfire shall be lit; (clap, clap) The campfire shall be lit; (clap, clap) Throw another log on, the campfire shall be lit. I think there are more verses that are sung once the fire gets going. Does anyone know the name and lyrics of this "song". Jeff
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