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  1. Thanks DYB-MIKE! Thats a great idea! Tonys Thats good stuff! I am gonna use it. Thanks again all. I at least have an idea of what to try next.
  2. Wow, sorry I created so much controversy. Good to see (not really good) that others suffer with the same problems. Jet, I liked what you said. I think in many instances the parents need a wake up call. There are no free lunches, so to speak. I think part of my problem is frustration with the parents sitting back and watching the committee put on a great scouting program for the kids and not getting involved. I also agree with eamonn, some tact is needed, but when it comes down to it, we live and die on parental involvment. If the "right" person cant be found then we have to work with what
  3. I have been the CC of a pack for two years now. The current leadership is great but, the pack has grown to 60 plus scouts and we have a real lack of parents willing to step up to be leaders. We actually have one den with 19 kids registered in it. Most of the time only 12 to 15 show up for meetings but there is only one DL and an Asst. DL. Luckly for that den , my son is in it, so I am there, the CM and Asst. CM also have sons in that den. We would like to see the den divide into two or three but there is no other parent that will take it up. We have the same problem with a fairly large Webelos
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