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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll be taking them to our committee/leaders/CM and will post an update at a later date as to how the situaion played out. Did want to say a few things....unfortuntely, the church that is our CO isn't at all involved in the Pack, or the Troop for that matter. I'm actually a member of that church and it's a huge issue with me, that has been taken to the pastor, that there is no involvement from the church w/ the scouts. In fact, one gets the impression that we are a down right annoyance to many in the church, for no valid reasons. It's almost embarrasssi
  2. that's an interesting thought.....question...if our chartered organization doesnt like this idea (ie, would rather all the dens meet at their building) then do we have an say so in this matter?
  3. Beagle Scout, no changing date/time is not a possiblity. We meet at a church and it has other activities going on every other night of the week. There was talk of changing dates before, but our meeting place can not accomodate a change. As for time change, the football games around here can start as late as 730, so we're talking 9(ish)pm before a meeting could get started. For elementary school kids, that's entirely too late. Cubbingcarol, about the grandmother....she has privately told me that she is in over her head as is, but would happy to help with activities such as dinners,etc.
  4. when we had the parent meeting, it wasn't to put anyone on the spot and ask them to fill a position...it was a planning meeting where we discussed the calendar, the pack rule changes, what activities we'd like to do again, what we'd like to change, what we'd like to add, etc and talked about the vacant positions in the Pack. No one was asked to volunteer right then and there. It was just informational, to let people know where help was needed. It was after the meeting that folks came up and said they'd like to take such and such spot. No one was put on the spot in front of a crowd. As for
  5. We had a few vacancies w/in the Pack. We had a parent meeting the other night to explain these vacancies and attempt to fill them. We filled all immediate need vacancies except the Webelos II den leader and assistant leader. Putting the first and second year webelos together is not an option for us this year, as the numbers are too large to do so. It is felt w/in the leadership that it ultimately should be up to the webelos II parents to step up to the plate on this matter. Ironcially, not a darn one of them bothered to show up to the parents meeting. A letter has not been sent
  6. Greg Nelson, do you mind me asking how much your Pack dues are? I like the idea of splitting it into two payments at two different times of the year. ScoutNut...how big is your Pack? Is there a penalty or opt out fee for those who decide to not participate at all? I also love the idea of getting to throw a pie in someone's face (as long as it's not mine! LOL! J/K, I'd be game as a victim if it got people fired up to sell!)
  7. JeffD, we've decided to put out 'opt out' fee higher than what the Pack would actually make off our minimum sales requirement in order to encourage people to sell instead of pay the opt out. We put out opt out fee at $50 and our minimum sales requirement at $75.
  8. As fall is upon us, for around here, this brings the annual council wide popcorn sales. Our Pack participates each year. Participation is marginal at best. Last year I took over as CC and our CM was new too. The outgoing CC and CM from the previous year didn't really enforce/encourage selling and the forms were just something that ended up in being handed out along with the calendar without any explanation. As both the CM and I were new in our postions last year, after the fact we acknowleged that it definitely takes more than assuming that folks understand the importance of this fundrais
  9. We have a leader who is completely ineffective. She is a Tiger leader. She is never prepared or relies soley on the parent participation part of the Tiger program to actually do the entire meeting while she just wonders in with literally nothing in hand and sits down and does nothing, literally. It's a wonder that any Tigers/parents returned after the first meeting of the year, when she had nothing at all for the children to do, while talking to the parents and telling them what to expect during the year (which included telling them, I kid you not, that they'd be looking for a stick as a "g
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