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    Wounded Scouter

    On behalf of our pack and our Council, I would like to send my most heartfelt wishes for a quick recovery and a prayer that the family can make sense out of this cruel and ridiculous world. When I hear of events like this, scout related or not, it makes my proud of myself and my fellow scouters that we made a decision to serve our children and teach them the values and responsibilities that they will need as an adult. People ask me all the time why I do what I do for no pay. My answer to them, is that I do get paid...my payment is priceless. With this forum as proof, there is a special bond between us scouters. There is no paycheck that could ever compensate for that. I hope we never lose light of it, and remember to pass it on. My best wishes to you, sir, from Pack 321 and the Calumet Council in NW Indiana. Tamara Bonner Pack 321 Cubmaster
  2. Our christmas party/pack meeting is on Dec 20th. Any suggestions for a flag ceremony? It will be done by Webelos. Thanks, Tammy
  3. pack321cc

    Gently used uniforms?

    Hi! I'm new to the board. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good source for gently used cub/webelo uniforms shirts. Over half of our pack parents are in hard financial times and I am trying to lessen the cost for these shirts on them. Does anyone know where/how to acquire gently used uniforms as a donation or lower price? Thank you very much for your help!