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  1. Thanks...we are proud of what the boys achieved...facing their fears and jumping into what they new was going to be dark, cold, murky waters...but they did it because of their Assistant Cub Master. The boys still talk about the event...and are still pretty pumped about it all! Lawrence J. Swanz
  2. Steve, I felt compelled, as a lot of the arguing that was taking place on the thread was due to "assumptions", and I figured I could answer a lot of those "assumptions" and set the record straight. Anyway, it was a great time, one we hope to repeat in future years. With that being said, we are in hopes that we will be celebrating his remission... Lawrence J. Swanz
  3. Good day all, I'd like to take this opportunity to respond to some of the questions/accusations made in this thread. First and for most I'd like to thank those that have shown support what our boys did and why. Also, I'd like to thank those that have asked the "hard" question, and to this I wish to reply. Also, a quick note, I was made privy of this forum by a parent from my den who stumbled across this conversation. She was so taken back by some of the comments that she contacted me right away and sent me the link. I only just joined minutes ago so that I may respond to some of the
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