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    Moral Values

    Thanks for your response. However, I don't come from a big council. We have three professional staff and one council executive. What I have seen are fake units formed from existing registered scouts. They were formed so the district executive and council executive could advance and move on. Also, I have witnessed a DE undermine volunteers because they only could afford to give of their time and not FOS. Because of that they have quit being volunteers. This same DE has back stabbed volunteers and make promises to others that he does not intend to keep. A very unscouter thing to do. Being blow off and stabbed in the back is all you can expect here at my council.
  2. oldbeaver

    Moral Values

    It seems to me that the people on this forum are fited on problems related to homo's. The court ruling gives our private organization the right to exclude. In this world it seem the politically correct rule. This decision sure must get a lot of sick people mad. However, it seems that we can not chane the sickies so why don't we work on what we can! For example: the BSA's process foe evaluating their professional staff. The current system makes professional scouters into the most immoral group I seen.