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  1. Don't forget about the light weight breathable single wall made by Intragal, they do not create any condinsation and is also a 4 season, there are several in our group and work well yearound.
  2. I went into Phimont last year at 25 lbs and added another 25-30 after the Philmont add-ons, the 4 day food trips are the heavy ones. The one good thing is that every meal you eat, it gets lighter.
  3. I do a lot of light-weight backpacking and my two favorite are from "INTEGRAL DESIGNS" my two man is called the Silshelter and has a weight if 1 lb, the one I like the best is the 3 man tent called the "GEORGE TARP" which has a weight of 1 1/2 lbs, has plenty of room and you can stand up inside and change your clothes with a 7 ft height. I use it every year for the 50 miler and holds up very well with the weather in the PNW. The design has been around a 100 years with the early pioneers, but do get the optional zip in bug panel, which can give you a 4 man tent with only 4 oz added to the pack
  4. Old-Goat

    Legal CSP's

    I have heard that it is improper to wear a CSP that is not made by National. I know there are a few other company's out there that make CSP's and they all look good but they don't have the National printing on the back side. Can anyone help me out on what is legal or does it really make any difference.
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