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  1. I like the patch idea, thanks.
  2. The short version is... I was (still am) dyslectic... but back then they didnt know what that was. Scouts was the only outlet I had that allowed me to excel. (I also really enjoined the outdoor thing) From a shy (dumb) little boy to Eagle and beyond. I learned more practical leadership skills in Scouts than in my eight years in the Marine Corps. I remember a time in Marine Corps land navigation training that I ended up teaching the 5 or 6 guys with my, they asked how I learned about maps and reading a compass.. Hmmm How did I learn that skill? That is what I meant by an impact. - OKScouter
  3. Thanks for all your input and advice. Your comments prompted me to did a little deeper..I think I need to get a copy of the official Rules and Regulations of the BSA and discussed in the opening of the Insignia Guide. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Rules and Regulations of the BSA . My DEs no help hes pretty inept.to him anything the SDE suggests is policy.. You know how it works.. It goes something like this the SDE mentions that it could be helpful if all the packs in one area hold their rally (sign-up) night on the same dateso the DE tells me that Council Policy is the all Packs Must hold their Rally Night on the same date . so if someone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks OKScouter
  4. Thanks for your input, so what I'm hearing is that if a hat is not one of the listed "headgear" in the insignia guide than we should not wear it in uniform? What about the Philmont caps, the Wood badge hats, or the NESA caps I see Scouter in. About half of the scouters I talk to say no, the other half say yes because the Insignia guide does not prohibit or even discuss other hats, much like coats and jackets. I may be looking in the wrong place, is there any other guidance for uniforms than the insignia guide. Ive been in the Boy Scouts combined as a youth and leader for 16 years and I only get opinions on these sorts of issues (I do appreciate your input.. I did asked for it) but I have never been shown a written BSA policy beyond the insignia guide that addressed other scout hatsetc. Quite often I head thats BSA policy when later I find that its only someones option.. Im all for following BSA Policy and BSA policies are VERY precise when they want to be. So that leads me to believe that the Supply Division intentionally left room for flexibility. Is there another BSA Policy that is more specific than the Insignia Guide that someone can point out? Thanks, OKScouter P.S. The price of the caps is not an issue one of the dad's owns a shop that does that sort of thing...we can get them at cost about $5 each and we do push the traing knots.
  5. Ive following most of the uniform discussions but I would like to get your input on the topic of Unit Caps. Im the Cubmaster of a large pack average 90-100 boys each year. I am trying to find a way to encourage the Adult Leaders to get training, attend Pow Wows and Round Tables etc..I am considering having a Unit (Pack) hat made and present it to new leaders once the get the position specific training completed. It would be an navy or tan ball cap with a simple logo on it Pack such and suck Trained Leader something tasteful like a Philmont cap, the On My Honor cap, or the NESA cap. I cant find anything in the Uniform Regulations that addresses this, because a cap/hat is optional for leaders, I think this goes along with the Unit Activity (Class B) shirt idea I would appreciate your thoughts Thanks OKScouter
  6. Hello everyone, Ive followed the forums for a few years now and figured it was time to join. I currently serve as Cubmaster at the Pack Level and as an ASM at the Troop level in Oklahoma. I've been involved in Scouting since my youth. I earned my Eagle in 86. I was away from Scouts for a few years when I served 8 yearsin the Marines. Ive been a Scout leader now for 6 years and plan to for quite some time. Partly because I have three sons in Scouts from Tiger to First Class, but mostly because Scouts made such an impact on my life as a youth and young adult. - OKScouter
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