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  1. Hey you know whats a good movie to see its called Mr Scoutmaster I saw it on A and E one night did anyone ever see it before
  2. I wear my Eagle Scout patch and the square knot I am one of the Scoutmaster of my Troop and I have been An Adult leader for 5 years now. This is what i believe If you earned the award you have the right to wear it and it shouldn't matter how old you are. So i wear my Eagle Scout Patch and sometimes people tell me your uniform is wrong you know what i tell them. why don't you earn eagle scout then tell me to take it off after that the leave me alone :-)
  3. Hi a while ago I got my Heroism award but I lost the medal :-( is there any way I can buy a new one I went to the scoutshop but they didn't know what to do
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