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  1. Thank you so much for your replies and advice! I think I can see how to move forward. Our Pack is newly reforming after a very active/large group graducated to boy scouts last Spring. I haven''t seen den chiefs or eagle scouts helping out in our Pack yet but will find out. I really understand why no volutneers now - none of the parents I''ve talked to have had scouting experience (outside the leader/assistant). And to be honest, it''s daunting for us newby leaders with some scouting experience (there''s a lot to scouting). We had 1 parent volunteer to help out (not lead) and I''ll keep checking w/ other parents face to face. Because the boys are mainly from the same school (two 2nd grade classes), splitting into two dens would be painful - who goes where (you can just imagine the outcome)? But getting another assistant and splitting them up while doing activiies makes great sense. We''ll figure out another facility to accomodate this. I can see too how to involve other parents by getting organized for the entire year up front. I like that alot - that will reduce stress for all, parents will know how to contribute, and we can focus on having fun. Yes, the leader and assistant are trained. Just need to get another assistant and parent volunteers trained. Thanks for the clarification on rules for no 1:1 meetings/contact. Note - the boys are really awesome - fun, smart and energetic. We just need to direct the energy! They also love scouts! Many thanks again for all your help! Suzanne Ps. I will have to get another username soon!
  2. I would LOVE some advice. My husband is leading a wolf den (for the first time), along with an assistant leader, that has 13 scouts...our first den meeting was quite rowdy and unacceptable. Our Tiger den had just 5, and 3 of them dropped out so virtually every boy in the den is a new scout. My husband tried to split the den and ask for parent volunteers to lead the new den but no one volunteered. Should we just try to make it work with 13? Disband - though that doesn''t seem right..?? What would be needed - two assistant leaders? Unfortunately, the facility we use for meetings doesn''t allow us to split the boys into 2 groups. Sadly our experience that dem meeting has us dreading the rest of the year...Thanks in advance for all replies.
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