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  1. What great Ideas! thanks much! Stemming off of this award idea, what are some good representations of scoutmasters that could be made into an award. Rocking Chair Etc. A rocking chair, it's been done, give me some new fresh ideas please and build on the requirements if you would. I've seen those listed above, but i want to give these scoutmasters a really good time. Thanks for the comments... keep em coming.
  2. I was on an Ecology Staff for 4 years before moving on to bigger and better things on the Camp Staff. I have taught a wide range of merit badges from Mammal, Bird, Rep & Amphi Studies, Weather, Nature, Space Ex, and more i can't name off the top of my head. Croakers and Peepers hike @ night Astronomy Hike or Observation Service Projects (Our camp had a camp award and a service project was manditory, these improve the ecology of camp) Big Fish Award (biggest fish caught during the week) Naturalist Award & Conserverator Award (both scouting awards i believe) Fishing Out
  3. Thanks for your comments, I have been approached about setting up a Youth Protection Training course for leaders during the week. We already have a Scoutmaster Shoot on Thursday Leader Boating and Swimming, as well as coffee socials and leaders meetings happening every day to keep in touch and socialize. What kind of roundtable and training activities would you recommend?
  4. I am the Camp Commissioner @ Camp Frontier, Erie Shores Council. One of my new goals this year is to provide activities for adult leaders to participate in while at camp. Ideas include: Golfing (make your own golf club) Frisbee Golf Scoutmaster cook-off (chili, dutch over, or other) Special Meal for Leaders only etc... I'm looking for ideas along these lines as well as your opinion on if this is even necessary.
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