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  1. Hello everyone, thanks so much for all the help and advice. I have gone to my Charter rep who concerned about this whole mess. The CR has basically told me that until she can get a hold of the CM (who is hiding from all it seems for no one can get a hold of them) and until the next committee meeting in a couple of weeks that I should go ahead a continue doing all that I am doing so that the pack continues to run as smoothly as it is. I have been able to get several parents who are willing to serve on the committee and one of them is willing to be the CC so that will help a great deal.
  2. Hi everyone, You guys have all been so great in answering my quiestions before and now I have a real doozy. I can not get a hold of my DE since it is Sat. night and I am hoping that over the weekend someone might be able to direct me in the best path possible for my problem. Ok the cubmaster is still taking his time to make up their mind. when I spoke to the cubmaster about some of the things that I have heard from some of the parents complaining about the leadership of the pack (which is why I can't get them involved for the parents don't want to deal with the cubmaster) the cubmaste
  3. Thanks so much guys for the ideas on what to do with the awards. I understand that it is important to recongize the boys, and I think that I will bring up to the committee some of the ideas to break up the all awards pack meetings. momof1
  4. Hi everyone again, I have a question about when awards (not the ranks) and belt loops and when exactly they have to go out. I am in the process of trying to recruit new volunteers for my son's CS pack and having a hard time because several parents are not sure that they want to come back because of the pack meeting as one of the reasons. For the past several years (at least since my son has been there and he is 2nd Webelos) the pack meeting have only been announcements and giving out awards, or some kind of celebration (Halloween party, Christmas party, Blue and Gold) and these meetings go
  5. Hi thanks for the info on the committee chairman but that is another problem. Our chairman left this year, something that we knew was going to happen for the family is moving out of state. I haven't had any training as of yet for the asst. cubmaster position for the last time it was offered I was unable to go. Thanks momof1
  6. Hi everyone, I am new to this site for I found it as I was trying to find some help for a situtation that has come up inside my son's CS pack. I am the Asst. Cubmaster for the pack and feared that this situtation might come about, but was not sure until recently. You see the current Cubmaster from last year is no longer sure if they will continue as Cubmaster. This has caused a problem for the pack is now getting a very late start in everything. What I would like to know is how long do I give the current Cubmaster to make up their mind? I mean I am a busy person but have always made tim
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