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  1. Thank you to everyone for your advise. Every sitution is different I guess and I appreciate hearing from others who have been through this. He's a good kid and I think peer pressure is big factor. Scouting just doesn't have a good image among the rank and file teenager these days. I just hope the fun and exciting parts of Scouting will continue to outweigh the dorky parts for another year or so until his outlook can mature. Teenagers are tough.
  2. I have lurked for a while here and have a great respect for all the excellent advise. I need some of that now. My son is 13 and Star rank. He lacks only a conference and a Board of review for his Life rank. He has become lukewarm about scouting, not really saying he wants to quit, but finding more and more reasons not to go to meetings and campouts. He has been to one meeting in the past month and one campout since November. But he always has a great time on the campouts though and is signed up for a high adventure trek this summer. He hates wearing the uniform anymore and he has said things that make me think his friends think scouting is not cool. I am an Eagle and am a uniformed leader in his troop. I know that if he quits sooner or later he will regret it but it is hard for him to see this now. I don't want to run his life for him, but I do want to help him make good decisions. I'd like for him to continue in Scouting but I know that if I push him too hard, he'll shut down. Surely this is a fairly common situation. Does anyone have any advise?
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