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  1. Does anyone have a "job description" for the District Advancement Chairperson? Or something similar? Our Council's DAC's (and there are many in our large Council) have developed their own job desriptions, based largely on their personal interpretation of Scouting goals. Unfortunately, some Ditrict to District inconsistencies seem have popped up and have resulted in some messy situations, especially when it comes to Life to Eagle advancement. The DAC's have very different philosophies and styles, and some appear to have drifted along way from the role that the BSA intended them to fill.
  2. There are still happy endings. And my faith in the greater BSA Organization is renewed. A Council BOR was held last night for my son. The Council Advancement Chair along with 4 veteran Scouters sat on the board. The board unanimously over-ruled the DAC and awarded my son the rank of Eagle Scout. We have received some wonderful feedback from those attending, and are extremely proud of the way our Scout handled the unfortunate mess. The board members asked the tough questions, but as my son said, "I felt like an Eagle Scout when I was answering them". The BOR did a great job in turnin
  3. Sorry, I didn't intend to get into a debate about gatekeepers. But, here we are. I believe that our role as Scouters is to help as many Scouts as possible reach the gates, and then limit only those that shouldn't for "good reason" pass through. I think there are some in our organization that have things reversed. They establish gates and then help only those that they have allowed through. Help then limit, or limit then help? I think we should try and get as many Scouts through the gates as possible. John-in-KC's list of gatekeepers is correct, but I hope that our organization would
  4. KoreaScouter, You were not too harsh, and I agree with your comments. It appears I'm one of those 1960's Scouts who did have Fred McMurray as a Scoutmaster. His example was a key factor in me becoming a Scoutmaster. It might also be why I have such high expectations for my fellow Scouters. He actually allowed me to make a few mistakes, learn from them, and I still received my Eagle. As a father and relatively new Scoutmaster, I've learned a great deal through this experience and, not all of it is positive. YOU CAN BE SURE THAT I WILL NEVER LET SOMETHING LIKE THIS HAPPEN AGAIN TO
  5. Thought I would update those who might be interested in the recent events regarding the "Eagle Denial" post. A BOR occurred last evening, following a painful wait of nearly two months. The DAC finally scheduled it after being contacted by the Council, and told to do so. The Scout's Eagle advisor and the troop committee chair were allowed to speak briefly with the Scout out of the room. Both attested to the Scout's level of character, and that they had each given verbal project approval (without formal signatures)to proceed on his project. They fell on their spears saying they should have
  6. I would like to thank everyone for their concern and honest feedback concerning this issue. As the Scoutmaster involved, your input has been very helpful in helping our troop leaders deal with the situation. It is time to reveal another bit of information regarding the situation. I am not only the Scout's Scoutmaster, but also his father. I didn't mention that originally, as I didn't think it should impact your input. As a scoutmaster/parent I have been particularly careful about making sure my son was advancing on his own merits. I guess he and I are paying the price for my lack o
  7. The idea of an extension is a good idea. Thanks. Everything else means a fight. Anybody have any details on extensions? Who has to approve the extension, hopefully, it's not the DAC? What bothers me is I why didn't the DAC make that recommendation? I'm pretty disappointed, it seems that our leadership is focused on things other than what's good for the youth.
  8. No one in our organization is asking anyone to break rules, including the scout that is involved. He accepts his mistake and would like the opportunity to have his entire qualifications examined. He is willing to work to demonstrate his understanding of his error. When a scout makes a mistake and recognizes it, I was under the assumption as adult leaders we work to find a path to help the boy succeed, as well as have a learning experience. Much of what we do is subject to interpretation, in fact the Eagle packet says the scout can't proceed without "approval". Does that mean signatu
  9. So, I had a scout who stole thousands of $$ worth of stuff at scout camp. He was caught, confessed under pressure, made restitution, and was put on probation with the troop. He sought counseling, made his peace with the troop and did everything the troop asked during the probation period. He got his Eagle. So we don't give the Eagle to the scout who didn't get a signature, but did a project that the DAC said via e-mail would "certainly qualify"???? Do we follow the rules for the rules sake, or do what is right?
  10. I need the help and advice of my fellow scouters. I don't know where to turn to help a fine scout. I am the scoutmaster of a scout that has apparently hit the wall in his path to Eagle. He joined scouting as a Tiger Cub and has been extremely active. He just turned 18. He's a great kid, leader and friend to everyone in the troop, elected to OA when first eligible, attended council level junior leader training, SPL for one year (2 years ago), active camper, Philmont, captain of his sailing team, coaches youth sailing, good student etc. etc. etc. Problem is he moved ahead on his Eagle
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