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  1. Hi, our pack uses a tool that is freeware. You can find it at : geocities.com/yosemite/9152/cub-tracker.html Each den does their own record keeping, and prints out the summary for advancement, then turns that in to the Advancement Chairman. It's easy to use and it's free!
  2. EagleWB, Thanks for your reply. Yes the Junior Troop Leaders have had Junior Leader Training. I am trying to get the Troop Committee to agree to a "scholarship" for Silver Stag Training." I like your ideas regarding other positions like Scribe and Treasurer for the Second year Webelos Den.
  3. Our Troop is having a problem with scouts not respecting or following orders from the Junior Leaders. From SPL on down, they aren't getting the respect they deserve, and are getting frustrated in their positions. Since I am also a Webelos leader, we were thinking of having the Webelos Den elect a Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader. They would have some responsibilities in making decisions regarding activities and events, and would report back to the Patrol. Hopefully this will give the boys a preview of what is expected when they join the troop. Does anyone have experience wi
  4. Our Troop of 70 boys and 10 leaders will grow to at least a 100 boys next year. I was wondering if anyone has had a similar situation and can offer some suggestions on how to handle such a large influx of new scouts. Luckily, I am also a member of the Pack that will feed into our Troop. Our patrols are made up of boys as they graduate into Boy Scouting. Therefore we have patrols by first year through 17 year old scouts. We are considering mixing the newer scouts with the older scouts to ease the transition. The problem with separating the existing patrols is the possibility of losing
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