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  1. We based our order on last years order but we will end up with left over we can't return. We will sell the extra to families in the pack at a reduce cost to sell it. Personally I think we might just do a take oreder next year and skip the show and sell. I know the council has to be careful with returns but like I said I am not sails profesional. I do have a job besides scouting.
  2. Hello Everyone, I was just wondering if every council has this new policy or just mine. They change the rules for returns this year to only allow you to return 15% of the take order. Before we were allowed to return any unopen cases. Now we try to order the recomended amount based on last year. Now here is my complaint. I am not a profesional salesmen. How am I going to project how much my pack is going to sell and or what? I am only a voulenteer. They seem to make it harder for the pack to make a profit and easier for council to keep more money.
  3. When it was an individual competition the scouts would learn the benefit of saving. A scout is thrifty. Part of thrifty is saving as a patrol competition I am not sure what the lesson would be. This is why I asked it here instead of at a troop meeting. I really don't mind if someone on the internet thinks my idea isn't worth considering. This way I won't bring it up at a meeting. I know at my sons school they really get into it. Maybe the patrol competition could be for FOS. Based on the reaction here I think it doesn't fit into scouting.
  4. I thought about it as a patrol copetition but then what would be the prize. I was willing to donate a gift card but 5 to 8 gift cards would be a bit much. Also what would we do with the money collected divide it up to the boys in the patral for there scout accounts? Or maybe use it to pay for the next campout? I am not sure if it would work or not. I know at my sons school the kids are very serious about winning each year.
  5. Yes, I am interested indoing the 50 mile hike myself. I am planning to go with him on the hike. So I definitely need to be in shape myself. I am in fairly good shape now. i was able to complete a 30 mile bike ride last month. However I know riding a bike on city street 30 miles is not the same as hiking with 40 pound pack. Any suggestion for me would be great also.
  6. Thank you everyone for all the advice. I think my son and I will start hiking more in the local parks. We may also just do some walking and biking just to stay in shape. increasing distance and time as we go. If the troop decides for sure it wants to do a 50 mile hike then we will definetly do all the prep hikes. I will let him make the decide after that if he wants to try it. Please feel free to add more advice on trainig if you think it will be helpful. I haven't done a ton of hiking myself so any advice is welcome.
  7. Hello Everyone, I was just wondering if any troops have there own bus? Our troop discuss this as an option one night on a camp out. We decide the liability and maintance cost would probable out weigh the benifit of more scouts being able to go on trips. Just wondering if any troops have there own bus and how it worked out?
  8. My thought was it would teach the boys to save for what they wanted. Plus give them incentive to do so with the prize. Also the boys could use strategy to win the prize. You all have very good points though. I can see why it probable wouldn't work. I asked the question here before bring it up at the troop meeting. I figure its alright to look dumb in front of a bunch of strangers on the internet instead of at the troop meeting
  9. My sons school had a penny war. Each class brought in penny from home and put it in the class jar. You got 1 point for each penny. All silver change and dollars had a negitive value (ie nicle = -5 dime = -10) So they would put all the silver change and bills in other classes jars. They did it for a week.The class with the most points won a prize. All money was donated to designated charity. I was wondering if our troop could addapt that to raise funds for boys scout accounts. The prive would be a gift card to Cabelas or REI or something. All funds raised would go to each individual scout
  10. What you bring up is my concern. I don't want to let him go on an outing he is not really ready to complete. We may just let the older boys go this summer and just stay in summer camp.Although his troop right now has more younger scouts so we will see if it is this upcoming summer or the next. We will probable do conditioning hikes anyway. See how his strength and stamina improve over the year.
  11. My son is just starting in the troop. The trip would not happen until the summer. He does play sports. However is not the strongest or most athletic. I am not sure his weight because he went through a growth spurt recently. He is taller and thinner looking since last time. As a family we tend to take short hikes in local parks typically a mile to two miles. Ussually just caring water and some snack food. I have a day pack to carry first aid kit extra water and jackets ect. These hikes are ussually only hour or so. We have two smaller boys so they really can't go for longer hikes. He certa
  12. Hello everyone, My sons troop is talking about doing some longer backpacking trips. My son is one othe younger scouts. I believe the scouting guideline is at least 14 unless approved by the SM. My son really wants to start hiking and backpacking. Do you think a younger scout can handle the rigors of say 50 mile hike? If you think it is possible what do think he need to do get prepared? Any Suggestion would be appreciated.
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