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  1. Thanks for your comments. Because it is/was a troop bylaw, I will have my son meet with another counselor that I will find through council. While looking through the link that OakTree sent, from the Boy Scouts National Council, I did find in the Frequently Asked Questions: Question: Can merit badge counselors coach their own sons or close relatives (for instance, a nephew)? Answer: Yes, but only if the young man is part of a group of Scouts who are all working on the same merit badge. Approved counselors may coach any Boy Scout who contacts them through the proper procedures.
  2. All good points. My son is a Star scout with 22 merit badges so we are familiar with the drill. He has never counseled with his father before,or me, all others being different counselors. The situation came up when my husband, took my son to work to learn about metalwork. He took the requirements with him and they made the two projects. They completed the badge together and my son had a great time with his dad. Nothing wrong with alittle dad and son time In our troop, this is a much desired badge for the boys. My husband has agreed to come and put together some projects and let the b
  3. Our troop has a rule that a parent cannot be his sons merit badge counselor unless he also counselors another boy at the same time. This was written into our bylaws two years ago because a leader (who is no longer there) was signing off his sons eagle required badges. The troop committee felt this would hurt the other boys because the counselor may no longer be interested in sharing his skill with the troop (coming into a meeting and give presentation, providing hands ons experience). A parent cannot sign their son's blue card if the boy is the only ones completing the badge at that
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