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  1. I have been looking for a good inovative way to begin our campfire for the spring Pack Campout. I found several ways to start the fire however one way I am still having trouble doing. I have read in several places that Pinesol and granulated chlorine (pool supplies) will produce a flame. I have not had a flame yet. All I get is a smell of chlorine and heat, but no flame. Any thoughts or ideas? Has anyone used this method? Is it safe? It seems that to much chlorine gas is produced.
  2. We are located in Covington, TN. The Nashville Council and the Memphis Council are within a 2 hour drive. Two deep leadership of course. My two assistant leaders are planning to attend and a few parents. The Memphis Council resident camp also allows Wolf Scouts and Bear Scouts to attend a cubscout resident camp at the same time. My council does not have this available. This would allow more of th epack to be active during the summer.
  3. I am currently a Bear Den Leader. The den I am leading will be advancing up to Webelos this May 2006. I have thought about exposing the boys to other Webelos Dens in other Councils via Resident Camp at another Council Camp in addition to our own Council's resident camp. I have not found anything in the materials that would prevent us from going to a Webelos Residnet Camp outside our Council. Any thoughts?(This message has been edited by mdcpcare)
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