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    Thanks Mike, I must say, I am a bit leary right now with the ASM and SM glaring at me square in the eyes. With my little guy still a wolf, I don't want to rush right up into the Troop and abandon him. From seeing another good friend do that (one foot in the Pack and one foot in the Troop) they were stressed beyond belief. Thanks for the words of wisdom! I'll certianly take that into consideration.
  2. mcourchesne

    ~New to the Scouter Network~

    Hello folks, My name is Mike Courchesne and I'm the Cubmaster for Pack #57 in Belchertown, MA. I currently have two boys in scouting. My oldest is a 2nd year Webelos and my youngest is a Wolf. I started scouting when I was 7, progressed through the Pack, into the Troop level, achieved Life with APL, PL, ASPL and SPL ranks. I have also been in the Order of the Arrow. I've been a Tiger Cub Leader, Cub Scout leader, Asst. Cubmaster and now I hold the all encompassing Cubmaster.....which is a lot of work. More than the 1 hour a day the told me about for sure. We have a total of 100 registered Cubscouts which is quite the achievement in our 100th year anniversary! Very proud of our leaders and all they do. Anyway, I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I hope to learn a lot from all of you in our travels on our trails. Thanks, Mike