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  1. Yes the church is going to be the CO for the new troop. I am hoping that once we get a UC, they can look into it, and possibly get farther.
  2. Wow, I guess great minds really do think alike. I have been thinking I should switch too. It seems to make sense. The CO is a church,of which the outgoing CM is an active member. So, I am not sure how a talk with the COR is going to go. We live in a town of about 400 people, every body knows every body. My spidey sense is telling me there is something wrong here. I had such an uneasy feeling being around them last night. I was considering just letting it go, but I am not sure I can do that. They are taking money from these boys. I am going to make some calls today and make sure
  3. UPDATE: Well, met with the pack and outgoing leadership tonight. Apparently the outgoing CM is not leaving yet, exactly. The second year webelos, which it turns out there are 5, will be doing their own thing. That is why he no longer wants to be CM. That leaves us with 2 first year webelos. I overheard a conversation the treasurer was having, and she told another parent that there is about $800 in the account for the tiger and cub scouts. The rest of the money is for the webelos. I also learned that this group of parents has gotten together and decided to start their own troop after the boys
  4. I agree that we all need training. I have done all the online training. I registered for the leader basic training for Sept 28. I am going to encourage all of our leaders to do the same. This forum has been really great. I have been pointed in some great directions that will surely benefit our whole pack.
  5. I found out today that my DE is actually my neighbor. We had a talk and he is going to meet with all of the parents and myself. He also said he is going to make sure we get a UC. I know it is a big undertaking, but I think it is all going to come together. I truly believe the other parents will come around.
  6. Our CO is a local church. I am going to get the contact info for the COR on Monday when I get everything else. Then I am going to set up a meeting with them, the CC and myself. Hopefully we will have a treasurer by then too. I think once I can talk to all of the other parents and we can all get on the same page, we will be on the right track. I know way more than I did about cub scouts a few days ago. I am sort of a research fanatic, so once I can explain it to them better, I think they will all be on board. My neighbor is a really great guy. I have seen the dedication he has for his job.
  7. Well, here's the progress so far. I completed all of my online training, getting scheduled for the rest. I found out the guy at our meeting was "A DE", not "Our DE". He was just filling in. I was happy to learn that my next door neighbor is actually our DE. I spoke to him briefly today. He said that the money thing is not normal. That was really all he said. He just kept stressing what my role as CM is. He told me to organize a meeting with all of the parents and tell them we need a committee. He said he will attend that meeting. He told me he will help me any way he can, starting with the mee
  8. Yea, I think we were all misled. When he was recruiting for CM, he said he needed someone to be a coordinator between the DL's and him. For the DL's when someone asked what they would have to do, he said they pretty much just need to bring the cookies and punch. I am going to look further into his money thing on Monday. It is just not sitting right with me. I just found out that my next door neighbor works for the BSA, not sure what he does. I am going to ask him for advice, he's just now home much right now. I don't want to upset the outgoing CM or the scouts. I just don't want the
  9. I think I am going to have to do that.
  10. I thought it sounded a little off, but since I am brand new to scouting, I figured it must be just the way things are done. I am not really sure what, if anything I should do about it.
  11. The old CM was very vague. All he has told me is what I have posted. I am hoping to learn more when I see him on Monday. His wife was the treasurer, and he said she kept good records that will be with all of the other info he will be passing on to me. I am not sure how active my CC will be. At our sign up the other night, after I volunteered for CM, the DE then said he needed someone to be my assistant. After a long silence, someone finally raised their hand. Later when she was told what her duties would be as CC she looked like she was going to pass out. She left the meeting as quickly as she
  12. I believe there were 3 scouts that crossed over. The old CM is going to be handing everything over to my reluctant CC and I on Monday. I guess then I will get a better picture of what we are working with.
  13. For those that have not read my intro, I am a new CM for a less than organized pack. The outgoing CM informed me that we have about $3000 in the bank right now. He said they are giving $1000 to the outgoing boy scouts since they worked very hard for that money. Being that I am an absolute rookie, I am just wondering, how much money should we ideally have in the bank? We have 22 boys in our pack right now, 3 of which are webelos.
  14. These responses have been great. I am soaking it all in. Honestly, I know it is going to be alot of work, but I am just getting more and more excited. I think it is going to be a great year, even with the bumps in the road. This forum ROCKS! I can tell I will be spending quite a bit of time here. Thanks everyone!
  15. Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing. The DE went around to the different den tables to get den leaders. We only have 3 webelos this year, one of which is my son. He got to our table and said we were covered, pointing at me. He said we needed an assistant DL. Neither of the other 2 parents wanted to do it. One of them finally accepted. So, I guess I am also the webelos DL. It should not be to bad with such a small group. I do wish we could recruit at least a couple more though.
  16. Wow, thanks for all of the responses. We live in a town of about 400 people, some of the boys come from the 2 towns on either side of us which are even smaller. Out of a total of 22 boys, only one is a returning scout. At the meeting, the DE basically had to beg for volunteers for den leaders and a cc. After the meeting he met with the new cc and myself. As he was explaining her responsibilities, I thought she was going to be sick. I tried to be encouraging and tell her we would help each other through, but I will not be surprised if I never see her again. He also said it is up to us to find a
  17. Hello all! I guess I will try to give a quick intro. I started yesterday as a mother going to sign her 4th grader up for scouts, his first year. After a meeting that was less than informative, and had zero parental participation, I went home the CM. I was a brownie for about 5 minutes until my parents decided they didn't want to invest the time or the money. That is the extent of my scouting experience. The outgoing CM is leaving because both of his boys are bridging over. He has agreed to give me a crash course next week, then he's gone. The DE was quick to point out to me that although this
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