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    wide belt for outdoor use?

    My standard equipment: 1.75" wide garrison belt (or scouts belt), in my pants. 2.25" wide police leather belt with two claw buckle, for equipment On my belt I have pouches for: swiss pocket knife, multitool, mini maglite, maglite D-ring, cellphone, compass, key holder. My equipment belt is worn over my pants belt with 'beltkeepers'(belt loops with snaps). Some small stuff (like first aid) generally goes into the side pockets of my BDU. And the the rest into my bag pack. To me it looks OK with my Scouts uniform, however brown leather would be better.
  2. mallorij

    wide belt for outdoor use?

    I still prefer the look of a nice wide leather belt, rather than a webbing belt. Does anybody know where to find a police style belt in dark brown color?? This would match better with the rest of my uniform. Anybody else who uses a sam browne style belt?
  3. What kind of belt do you use for outdoor activities? I generally carry quite a few things on my belt while camping etc (pocket knife,multitool, mobile, flashlight). For this purpose I use a 2.25 wide police leather belt, that I can easily put on and off wit some belt keepers. Appropriate or not? Or what do you use? Standard scouts belt is quite narrow. And don't like the attire of military web belt.
  4. Hello my name is mallori and i am a crew member of venture crew 496 in charlotte,NC. I was hoping someone could assist me in providing me with information on how to get my crew registered for this event. We have never been to an event like this before and it would be really nice if someone could let me know how to get my crew involved, it would really mean alot to us. mallorij@yahoo.com
  5. I am currently wearing a sam browne leather belt (like the police uses) with my uniform when out in the field/forest to carry my flashlight, knive, multi-tool etc. I think they are very practical especially when you have multiple things on your belt, since you can wear it over and attach it to your regular belt, without having to remove things all the time. Also they are much wider and stronger. Are there other persons that use those belts? What is the preferred belt you use, or do you just use the regular scouts belt? Do you think is it acceptable to wear it optional with the scouts uniform?