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  1. Thanks for the replies. It was a secret ballot, but it was clear from chatter than no one had liked or voted for CM's kid's name. I'll declare a miscount and we'll do a revote in person. I like the idea of all having to be present, but so many of them play sports it almost never happens. There's always one missing, but four is unusual. You've got your fall sports, your winter sports, your spring sports, then summer all-star leagues. The worst is when they overlap. Ay yi yi. Tina
  2. I have a good CM, but very much a person with control issues. He has a son in my Bear den. This week I let the boys vote on a den emblem to use after they graduate to Webelos because they were so excited to do it. Four boys were not in attendance, so I told the boys I would let those absent know what their choices were and get their vote. It was only fair since they are part of the den too, and all my boys are very active. Well, the CM's son's choice was in our final 4. I sent out an e-mail that night and within a day all the absent boys picked CM's son's choice. Interesting since none of the rest of the den had liked it but whatever. I found out yesterday at the Pack Committee meeting that CM took it upon himself to call the parents of all absent boys the night of our den meeting and tell them the choices, but didn't include all the names. This all came out because the Awards Coordinator told me her son wanted to change his vote. CM overheard and was really bothered by it. I feel like this was a passive-aggressive move to ensure that his son's selection was picked, and further, that it was probably the name he himself approved of. The whole thing just feels tainted to me somehow, very manipulative. I have not announced the name yet because I just don't feel good about the whole process. I think there should be a revote, but how do I do it without calling out the CM, making his son feel bad (who probably didn't even know this was happening, but I'm sure his dad has told him his choice would win), and me looking like an idiot? Thanks.
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