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  1. 'Scouts on Safari" How did this work last summer? Any ideas you could send to me would be helpful! Thanks.
  2. Clyde, We ran our Amazing Race very similar to the reality show. It was a lot of fun but a lot of work to get ready for it. Just required a lot of stuff for each event. Each country required a flag, secret, task to be completed, etc. and then the stuff necessary to complete the task. When I only had myself to get it organized and then had 5 volunteers the day of, who never met with me before hand, made it a little unorganized and crazy of a day. I think the girls enjoyed it, kept them very busy, but my Service Manager did say that some of the girls did not want to work that hard at
  3. Sorry it has taken me so long to post --- have been sick. In answer to your questions: 1. Yes, I am the "unit leader". 2. 25 girls are not necessarily broken down due to how many volunteers I will have or not have depending on the year. 3. I am only responsible for 1 day. 4. Yes, they like to earn something -- I can either have them earn a badge (which can be anything) or we can actually try to accomplish a try-it which is hard when you have brownies and juniors put together and that is why I prefer just doing some type of badge. 5. Outdoor skills?? The problem here is tha
  4. I am heading up a Girl Scout Day Camp for ages 1st through 6th grade and am looking for a Day Camp idea. I have done the Amazing Race, which was way too much work, and last year I did Kid Koncoctions (science experiements) which was good. Approximately 25 girls will be in attendance. Any help would be wonderful!
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