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  1. Wow you forum guys are particular. in 1980, 81 and 82. You could be on staff. in 1982 The same people, the same organization existed as a Explorer post and is now a venture Crew. Would you have lit me up If I said my son was joining an explorer post? Can't win for losing on this forum. My son is 10. As for the month I needed, that is about the amount of time I needed to get eagle. I would not have streched it out till age 18. Also to your statement "The numbers don't add up. I'm sure there is an explaination but I don't know what it could be." Remember, a scout is trustworthy. G
  2. Re: Bob Whites question. My son's pack had an interested mom as Tiger leader, but I have been and am now his den leader since Bobcat, wolf etc. I plan to help in whatever troop he joins and if he joins the same Venture crew I was in, I'll help there too. We participate in most things as a family (Church, Music etc.). "Once a volunteer, always a volunteer."
  3. I quit at Life also. To this day I believe that my Scoutmaster was jealous of me. I can recall the day I quit my troop with amazing clarity. It was time to load the bus for summer camp and he approached me and my Dad and said I couldn't go since I had missed two campouts. This was a ad-hoc variation on the rules that you could not go to camp if you missed more than one campout and the one had to be excused. He was unbudging that I had missed two campouts(even though I reminded him of interactions and events on one he says I missed). Other kids were going that had missed multiple campouts an
  4. Pack Flag ceremonies have been mostly done by the Den that the Cub Masters son and his friends are in. My den is only asked to do flag ceremonies on kindergarten-2nd grade PTA night instead of with peers (3rd- 5th grade PTA) or Scouts. It may seem petty, by my kids point it out to me; "Why do they get to do the flag ceremony all the time?" (Often in a whiny voice --grins--) I just defend it as "We did the PTA meeting last week....." or things to that effect. Additionally, any messes made by any other group, tigers, other dens etc. seem to get cleaned up by my guys and their parents since
  5. As a Webelo Leader I would know my boys would not like a repeat of anything they learned in Cubs. But would be fascinated by anything that is Boy Scout specific. Camp cooking, Rank and Organizational info (Kind of a short BSA- 101 course in how a Troop works, patrols, patrol leaders etc.) Merit Badge choices, Order of the Arrow. It is not really Webelos Welcom wagon, but is more true to the goals of your outing to show/see the difference between Cubs and Boy scouts.
  6. I am a Webelos den leader and I have a question. What are the rules for turning in advancement? Can I go to the council for the following problem?: Every time I turn in new advancement to the Awards Chairman, she questions whether my boys "really" did the requirements. I believe she is jealous of our boys since they work so hard at their rank and since she is the other Webelos den leader "her" boys appear to be behind in advancements since they focus on football and soccer etc. Regardless of her motives, shouldn't she pass the awards along to the council since I am an authorised, traine
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